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Sandals CJC Womens Platform High Heel Ankle Strap Wedding Club Prom Party Shoes (Color : Silver, Size : EU39/UK6.5) Silver
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WEF Needs YOU to be a Water Advocate!

WE are the experts.

Let’s speak with a loud, united voice. Speak up. Share your knowledge. It is more important now than ever. Inform government decision-makers and the public about the importance of water.

Aging infrastructure, strict requirements, and continued economic pressures have put unprecedented stress on local governments and agencies that provide essential water services.Elected officials are being called upon to make tough choices that will impact water quality and the viability of our communities for generations to come.We know there is a better path—a path that leads to public appreciation for the value of water, investment in our essential water infrastructure, and a better quality of life for our states and communities.

WEF’s Water Advocates Program is a simple and effective way for you to become more involved with engaging elected officials and the public on important water issues. The Water Advocates Program provides training and engagement to promote grassroots advocacy before elected officials and the public with the goal of creating a network of trained water advocates in every state.

Become a Water Advocate

Water needs YOUR voice. Sign up to be a Water Advocate.

Include your name, title, organization, address, e-mail, and telephone number.After you sign up, you will be in the Water Advocates program and receive important announcements about actions you can take to help.

Visit WEF's new Water Advocates website

View the Water Advocates flier

Join theWater Advocates Program

Read the Water Advocates Toolkit


Scott CummingsCH2M HillWEF House of DelegatesAlabama WEA Government Affairs Committee ChairPast Member of WEF Board of TrusteesPast Alabama WEA President


Steven A. Fangmann, P.E.DB Engineers and Architects, P.C.President, New York Water Environment Association

Douglas P. ClarkWPC Superintendent, City of Bowling Green, OhioWEF House of Delegate, Ohio WEA Government AffairsCommittee Vice Chair—Legislative Affairs

WEF Government Affairs Committee

The Committee shall provide direction and leadership on the formation of government environmental policies, interaction with WEF members and MAs on these policies, and implementation of sound environmental policies.

Visit the Government Affairs Committee page.

More WEF Advocacy Programs

WEF pursues many different advocacy and outreach through several programs aimed at various audiences. Explore these opportunties via the links below.

Water Environment Federation: The Water Quality People

Eventually, it was the sixth vessel that erupted – leaving the metal discharge that dropped down. The substance, seemingly, was a mix between aluminum, and cooled lava. The person who was injured – not a worker – was actually Dahl’s son. It was also their family dog that died!

Afterwards, one of the other disc shaped objects kick-started the broken one, they rose into the sky at pace, and vanished.

Dahl informed Fred Crisman, a co-worker, of the incident who in turn got in touch with Ray Palmer . Palmer was the Editor of the Ziff Davis Publications. He was interested, and invested $200 into a research team via Kenneth Arnold. However, Arnold bragged about the investment at the Idaho Daily Statesmen, where the editor sent a telegram to the US Air Force to check it out.

On August 1 st , Frank Brown and William Davidson led an investigation team out to check the incident . Tragically, both men died when the B-25 they were on to take photographic evidence from crashed.

August 3 rd seen another protagonist in the investigation, Kenneth Arnold, run close to death himself. His airplane was sabotaged and he only escaped the crash with good luck.

Then, according to Ron Halbritter over at Women Short Boots Cotton Suede Flat Heel Thicker Plush Warm Ankle Casual Shoelace Sports Shoes BROWN39 UZKhZBjyKf
, some very interesting events began to take place;

After reading the great synopsis of this over at UFOE, we decided to keep looking further. One thing kept bothering us when reading into this – what about the son? Seemingly he got hurt, right?

Well, according to Dahl’s own son and daughter, he might not be the best witness on the planet. For one, the only verification of anything about this story – even the date – comes from two people; Dahl, and Crisman. We mentioned above how Palmer seemingly received a letter – this never came in until mid-July.

The dog was buried at sea, and the son was burned by the falling debris, seemingly. This is where things get interesting.

Maury Island Marine Park map

At this point, the inventions and machinations seem to kick in – Crisman was given the story as a co-worker to Dahl. He told Crisman first, and things went from there.

Crisman, allegedly, wrote letters to officials on behalf of Dahl, or even just flat out claiming to be Dahl. Despite Dahl being the senior of the two, and in charge of his own business as well as working with the Harbor patrol, seemed to take a backseat as the story developed. They even claimed to have photos between them – Dahl said they were in his glovebox, but couldn’t find them.

Also, Crisman stated many years down the line that he had copies, but had lost them as well. The story begins to take interesting twists, as well, when you look at how quickly it developed afterwards. Remember we mentioned the whole Men in Black thing earlier?

Basically, Dahl claims that he was approached by men in black suits, driving a black Buick car. They told him to keep quiet if he “knew what was good for him”. As soon as Dahl heard of the death of the two army officers investigating, he took notice and stopped paying any attention to the story moving forward.

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